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Architects pledge to phase out carbon in the built environment by 2050

Green-architecture1Across the world over 1.3 million Architects in 124 countries have signed up to a global commitment to eliminate CO2 emissions in the built environment by 2050.

Member organisations have agreed to adopt the 2050 Imperative at the recent International Union of Architects (IUA) World Congress in Durban.

The 2050 Imperative states that urban areas are responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions, mostly from buildings, and that over the next two decades an area roughly equal to 60% of the world’s building stock will be built or rebuilt in urban areas. This provides an opportunity to reduce fossil fuel CO2 emissions to zero by 2050.

By signing up to the agreement Architects are charged with promoting the planning and design of carbon neutral cities, towns, urban development and new buildings.  In cases where carbon neutral is not feasible or practical, built environments must be designed with the highest efficiency in mind, with the capability to produce, or import, all energy from renewable energy sources in the future.

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