•  Environmental Managment System (EMS) Implementation & support
  • Gaining ISO14001 Accreditation
  • CSR
  • Staff Engagement & Training
  • Developing, Implementing and Delivering Corporate & Client Sustainability Targets
  • Enhancing your Business’ Green Credentials
  • Develop Green Growth Strategies
  • Implementing and Monitoring Carbon Reduction Plan
  • ESOS compliance including energy monitoring
  • FSC & EUTR Consultancy
  • Environmental Auditing of Offices, Projects & Construction Sites
  • Biodiversity Engagement Policies
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Waste Planning, Auditing and Management
  • Legal Compliance
  • Understanding and Achieving BREEAM Credits
  • Achieve your Competitive Edge

CSR Initiatives

EQ have success with helping clients to engage in community initiatives. Tree planting & bee keeping at local schools is a great way to help improve local biodiversity and provide strong ties with the community. Tree buddying is also a perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and promote carbon offsetting.

tree planting 




EQ can help you with staff engagement through participation in worldwide events such as FSC Friday and Earth Hour. Not only a way to build awareness on important environmental issues but also a great way to support your CSR programme and provide PR and marketing news.

bug hotel

Children with Hive

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