EQ helping to care for Employees and the Environment

electric vehicleFollowing a review EQ have helped a client finalise their new company car lists and the results are outstanding for both Employees and the Environment!

The team recognised the challenge that developing new car lists presented and identified the different needs that people have from a car. For a lot of employees a car is not simply just a car, it is a very emotive subject and probably the one area that causes most comment within some organisations. With this in mind the team researched and proposed lists that would offer not just environmentally friendly cars but also meet the needs of a family, the sporty driver, the status symbol etc.

All car lists now do not contain any vehicle that emits more than 110g/km and there are hybrid options available to all levels. It is a move that will obviously benefit the environment with the reduced level of emissions but also with the tax levels for company car drivers being set ever lower it should ensure that employees feel a direct benefit in their pockets too. One example of the cars available is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which achieves ultra-low emissions of 44g/km, drivers choosing this vehicle will pay just 5% Benefit in Kind taxation, compare this to previous cars on that level which would have been anywhere between 20 & 35%, and you have serious savings which amount to £000’s each year.

Colorado from EQ said “Transport is the largest contributor to our client’s company carbon footprint and this is great step forward at helping to reduce that impact it is also fantastic that employees will get a tangible benefit from making greener choices from the car lists.”