Case Studies

ASDA Store – £5.7m Re Model of existing store including removal of ground floor slab

Targets Set

Achieve Cost Savings through Waste Minimisation and Refurbishment

Divert 95% of Waste From Landfill

Improve Materials Housekeeping


4.5% of Construction Value was saved through refurbishment and reuse of materials on site

99% Waste diverted from landfill

Shared deliveries and take back schemes led to improved logistics and housekeeping


EQ Reduces Client Carbon Footprint by 39.9%

EQ recently helped a client achieve a fantastic reduction in their company carbon footprint of Absolute Emissions down 39.9% and Per Employee emissions down 38.2% compared to the previous year. The client achieved Carbon Neutral status after the remainder of the carbon was then offset in a Gold Standard VER project.  We have worked with the client to help them develop a comprehensive Carbon Management Plan which looks at travel, energy, waste and other resources and provides an action plan for targeting the following years Carbon.


Reducing ££ on Waste

EQ Consultancy worked with the RG Group to reduce the amount of waste generated by over 55% benchmarked by the previous years performance. This was achieved through training, supplier engagement and sourcing outlets for reuse.

Encouraging Best Practise

A John Lewis project was an exemplar site for demonstrating environmental best practise. Many initiatives were implemented with the support of the site team, EQ and top management. Examples include

  • Installing cardboard compactor and packaging baler to reduce waste and skip costs
  • Maximal reuse of materials including wood chippings reused for landscaping
  • Left over materials donated to community schemes and charities
  • Reuse of captured rainwater for damping down and jet washing
  • Carbon monitoring for all deliveries to site raising emissions awareness




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