Car manufacturers leading the green revolution?! EQ adopt green fleet policy.

photo (4)You might not automatically think of the car industry when you think of Leaders of the Green Economy but they have been very successful in delivering both “green and growth”.

Over the past decade the industry has delivered one of the most successful green business stories. Average emissions have fallen by a quarter and the industry is ahead of ambitious green regulation schedules. There is a lot of emphasis now being put on next generation zero emission vehicles which are already on our roads.

The UK’s car market has developed from a position where just 0.9% of new cars had emissions of less than 130 g/km in 2000 to an end of year performance in 2013 where more than 63% of cars come in below the 130 g/km mark. Emissions have reduced dramatically with the dual benefit of millions of pounds in fuel costs being saved.

All the major car players have current low emission vehicles and are investing billions in further developing electric, hydrogen and biofuel vehicles that will allow emissions to be almost zero.

As part of EQ’s Green Travel Plan, we have made the decision to have our company cars be hybrid vehicles with emissions of no more than 95 g/km which we believe is at the forefront of current best practise for green travel.

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Data on car industry from Sustainability Hub event “Green and growth: We can have both – lessons from road transport and other sectors”