Monthly Archives: February 2015

Using BIM to save Money and Resources

bimWe recently undertook a study on a project where BIM was utilised to identify potential waste and associated costs with a view to eliminating these.  The project was a new build retail store and the  results showed a potential saving of over £144k from over ordering of 1,284m2  on materials and the associated costs of disposing of this surplus.   This also gave an identified saving of over 200 tonnes of waste and the associated carbon saving from not having to generate the materials, deliver and dispose of them.   To do the study a comparison of the BIM model and the bill of quantities was carried out.

The BIM technology still has progress to be made and the data from it is only as good as the information put in but it has shown that we can use BIM at present to gain substantial carbon and cost savings making projects more sustainable.

If you are interested in carrying out a BIM sustainability study get in touch with us.