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EQs Springwatch

SAM_1686As the RSPB nature advert says “if you build it they will come” and EQ’s own little Springwatch seems to have proved that. We worked with a client on a couple of projects at Verwood and Alderley Edge where they have been encouraging all the site operatives to look out for wildlife and appreciate what is around them and report it to share with others. Both of these projects have also put up bird boxes around their area and a rather large moth was spotted at Alderley Edge. We believe it is a Lime Hawk moth which can normally be spotted in parks/gardens /woodlands but only flies on warm nights so I am guessing the 20th May was one of our rare warm evenings.   They are called a lime hawk because they feed at night on the leaves of lime (plus silver birch and elm) trees – however the adults don’t feed at all!

Perhaps most bizarrely our client have again had nesting birds in the cigarette disposal box at their offices! After the last time the birds nested there during a hot summer and unfortunately most of the chicks got roasted in the metal box, we decided to help protect them this year – see photo of perhaps the most unusual looking bird nesting site this year.

nesting birds in cigarette disposal portraitThe RSPB have now kindly said they will send us a suitable nesting box to put up at the office so hopefully next year they will have a more luxurious pad.

Finally for all you sceptics out there one of our operatives questioned the sense of putting up man made bird boxes in an area abundant in natural nesting sites and he subsequently got the lovely picture of the bird boxes in use at our Silvermere project.

nesting blue tits 2

As the ad goes – “if there’s no home for nature, there will be no nature!”  

Why not contact EQ to see how we can help you encourage nature!




Love where you Live – Tackle Waste

Litter PickWith the launch of June’s Love where you Live anti-litter campaign EQ were out cleaning up in their local neighbourhood as per attached photo. Not many people think about the money in involved in waste.

Waste reduction is a very important issue for EQ  and everyone should get involved as not only does it  have environmental benefits it hits you all directly in your pockets.

The less waste we produce and have to pay to get rid of the more profitable we all are!

This applies not just to our construction sites but also our offices where sometimes we don’t think immediately of the wasted resources that end up in our bins but the majority of our generated waste from our offices we have also paid good money for (think of the paper, stationary, ink, milk tipped down the drain etc).

Waste can also end up as litter in our communities and this has a psychological impact on you whether you are aware of it or not.  Much research has been done about the positive impact that green spaces have on our well being but this is drastically reduced if that same green space is covered in litter.  And for those of you not buying any of this “green hippy stuff” here’s some firm financial data:

  • £1 billion pounds spent  a year on cleaning rubbish from our streets
  • £3 million pounds spent a year litter picking from the motorways
  • That’s £40 per bag of rubbish – the same cost to repair one of those pesky potholes that we all complain about on our roads.

Whilst bringing it back to the construction industry:

  • Waste management and disposal costs the industry the equivalent of 30% of pre-tax profits
  • 33% of all waste in the UK is accounted for by the construction industry
  • Landfill tax continues to rise as such the need to reduce waste costs is a valuable opportunity to improve profitability.

Talk to EQ on how we can work with you to improve your waste figures, increase profitability and enhance your communities.Love Where You Live