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Think before you flush!

toilet flushAs we are now (hopefully) entering the drier summer months it seems like the perfect time to think about water conservation. Are you doing all that you can to save water in your premises and on your projects. EQ are working with a client where as well as implementing traditional best practice such as:-

Good Housekeeping (ensure no leaks no unnoticed )

Water Champions (ensure water using appliances are switched off when not in use)

Metering and auditing

Adjustment of water using appliances

Water efficient dust suppression

We have also converted all the urinals on a project to waterless ones saving 140 litres per week per urinal. As it is a long project with a lot of employees that’s a lot of litres of water saved. We have also installed dart taps so further water can be saved and it’s not just the water and the money that saves but if you are on a tanked construction site think of all the water that usually goes into the tanks – we estimated that as much as 80% of the contents being emptied is water!

I am glad to see that it’s not just myself that takes an interest in toilet facilities – Arups are currently working with a toilet inventor on a novel system that uses air assistance to generate a maximum of 1.5 litres of water per flush – the typical dual flush toilet uses between 4 and 6 litres! The firm has developed a universal connector so that it can be fitted to existing drainage systems and are currently testing it within its London offices.

Check out Arups website for more information on their toilet developments or contact EQ to see how we can work with you to save water and money.

Are we missing the quick wins under our noses?

litterWe are always trying to find ways to minimise waste and divert it from landfill and quite rightly so but quite often there is another waste issue that is clearly evident when you venture out anywhere in the UK – LITTER.

Keep Britain Tidy launched its “Litter Prevention Commitment” this May, it aims to prevent litter on UK streets which cost £1bn a year to deal with. While some big players have signed up to the litter prevention commitment – Coca Cola, Wrigley, KFC and McDonalds – I think that we can all do our part big or small, companies or individuals. Keep Britain Tidy says the scheme is working towards:-

  • To raise awareness of the social, economic and environmental impact of litter
  • To encourage responsible consumer behaviour in order to reduce the amount of litter dropped
  • To contribute to a reduction in the £1billion cost of cleaning up litter by taking positive action

Litter is one of my personal bug bears – it looks unsightly and can cause hazards for children, pets and the elderly and also has a negative impact on nature and wildlife. There are bins and recycling opportunities all across the UK and if you are out in the wilds to be honest in the UK it is not that long before you get back to a waste point and if you have packed it in you can pack it out.

Everyone should play their part in solving the problem. EQ will be doing a litter pick round their premises, what will you do?

Car manufacturers leading the green revolution?! EQ adopt green fleet policy.

photo (4)You might not automatically think of the car industry when you think of Leaders of the Green Economy but they have been very successful in delivering both “green and growth”.

Over the past decade the industry has delivered one of the most successful green business stories. Average emissions have fallen by a quarter and the industry is ahead of ambitious green regulation schedules. There is a lot of emphasis now being put on next generation zero emission vehicles which are already on our roads.

The UK’s car market has developed from a position where just 0.9% of new cars had emissions of less than 130 g/km in 2000 to an end of year performance in 2013 where more than 63% of cars come in below the 130 g/km mark. Emissions have reduced dramatically with the dual benefit of millions of pounds in fuel costs being saved.

All the major car players have current low emission vehicles and are investing billions in further developing electric, hydrogen and biofuel vehicles that will allow emissions to be almost zero.

As part of EQ’s Green Travel Plan, we have made the decision to have our company cars be hybrid vehicles with emissions of no more than 95 g/km which we believe is at the forefront of current best practise for green travel.

To talk to EQ to see how they could transform your company’s travel plan, save you £s on fuel costs and lower your carbon footprint please contact us on

Data on car industry from Sustainability Hub event “Green and growth: We can have both – lessons from road transport and other sectors”